Benefits Of Using A Monitor Arm Mount

More people are moving to monitor arms for their computer systems – and for good reason. Monitors can take up valuable space on a desk while a well designed monitor arm (that is typically clamped to the back of the desk) will save desk space and help reduce clutter. Most importantly, monitor arms allow monitors to be positioned at the ergonomically correct height for the individual.

How do you position your monitor correctly? As a rule of thumb, the top of the viewing area of your monitor should be at eye level and the distance between you and the monitor should be approximately arm’s length. However, the monitor set-up needs to be adjustable, to allow for individual need, lighting conditions and tasks. The bottom line is that a monitor arm is the only easy way to allow for this level of adjustment, making them a good investment for most people.

Also the addition of a monitor arm instantly increases the amount of usable desk space available to the user and allows work materials to be arranged within the Neutral Reach Zone. As a result, the workstation not only becomes more functional, it makes a much more efficient use of desk space.

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