File Synchronisation

File synchronisation is a service that every modern computer user needs. With the wide availability of fast internet connections, real time syncing of files is easy and effective.

There are many providers available – Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Drive amongst others. SugarSync provides a clean interface and is available on every major platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. SugarSync offers a 5GB free account to get an idea on how it works and the features available.

After you sign up for a SugarSync account, you can download and install the client software. It prompts you to name and assign an icon for your PC and then choose folders to back up on SugarSync’s servers and make available to your other computer and devices.

A few interesting SugarSync features include;

SugarSync creates a “Magic Briefcase” folder inside your Documents folder and places a shortcut to it on your desktop. Any file you drop into the Magic Briefcase on one of your machines is copied to and synchronized with the Magic Briefcase folders on all your other machines.

Another useful feature is the ability to remotely edit files via the Web. Sign into the SugarSync website with your account details, select a file from the online file manager, and choose “Edit with WebSync.” Any changes are synced back to the original location of the file.

SugarSync automatically saves past versions of your files. For all account types (paid and free), five past versions plus the current version of the file are saved and available for viewing or restoring.

Lastly sharing large files has never been easier. Emailing large files as attachments has limits.  Using SugarSync you are able to share files with others users of your choice and set appropriate permissions.

Cloud based file syncing offers many benefits of access, collaboration and archiving. Geeks on Call can advise you on how to utilise this to your full advantage either at work or home. Call a Geeks on Call Geek for further information.

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