Five things to consider when buying a new computer

Desktop computers have never been cheaper but buying a new computer can be overwhelming when looking at the choice and options available. When you’re considering purchasing a new computer, or upgrading your existing computer, begin the process by thinking about everything you’d like that computer to do, eg. Use at work, browsing the internet, send/receive email, running a particular application or store your photos and music. Once you know what you’d like to use your computer for, you will find it easier to establish what sort of computer to buy.

Some important things to consider specification wise when purchasing/upgrading your desktop computer are detailed below.

What type of computer & which CPU (processor)? In general for most users a standard mid-range computer will do everything you require. Most users do not need the fastest computer; the increased price does not justify the small gains in performance.

How much RAM (memory) should I get? Your computer memory is one of the important components for performance. 4GB is the suggested minimum for a new computer – 8GB will ensure that everything runs very quickly into the future.

Will it be compatible? Make sure your existing software and hardware, like for example your camera and printer will work with your new computer. Generally compatibility comes down to having available Windows driver support for the device.

Graphics & video capabilities. If you use your computer for playing games, video editing or intensive graphics applications, you should get a computer with a discrete graphics card rather than an integrated graphics card. Associated to this is considering a good sized LCD / LED monitor, which is great value for money these days. Larger screen real estate has never been better value.

Backup! All too easily overlooked, even new computers need a trustworthy backup process. Buy an appropriately sized external drive to back up all of your valuable documents, photos and videos.

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