Google Tips and Tricks

Google is by far the most popular search engine on the Internet, used by millions around the world. But did you know you can make your search queries more efficient by using tricks provided by Google to quickly find what you require? Here are some of the interesting tricks to try;

1. Search for a particular file type:
Let’s say I am researching an essay on Australian Native Birds which means I have to read through a lot of information looking for relevant details on native birds. Because I am sure that there is many detailed articles available, there is a lot of benefit in looking for materials which might have already been uploaded on the web in the form of PDF’s, DOC’s or PPT’s. These documents can be easily obtained by doing a search for:
PDF native birds filetype:pdf
DOC native beds filetype:doc

2. Dictionary:
With easy access to Google, you do not have to carry a dictionary or install a dictionary software for the purpose of finding out a definition of a word. Just use the define: keyword. The meaning is displayed along with other links to read more about the word and meanings.

3. Find the time of any location.
While there is software available to help manage different time zones, using Google is just as easy. A simple to use query for finding the current time is,
time Sydney

4. Weather at your fingertips
If you are planning a trip to a different city, it is useful to know the temperature beforehand, Google can help here too. Just use this query without waiting for the news weather report.
Sydney weather

5. Calculate with your browser
Google knows math’s too! Open Google and type your mathematical query. You can go all the way from basic arithmetic to trigonometric fun. For example;
sin(90) / cos (90)

6. Currency exchange rates
Keep up with the dollar with the help of Google’s inbuilt currency converter.

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