Strong Passwords and Password Security

In the modern online digital world, the traditional set of house and car keys has been replaced by a list of user names and passwords for different online accounts and services.

A few simple tips to manage passwords:

Set strong passwords, particularly for important online accounts and change them regularly. A strong password is about length, complexity and unpredictability. Do not use personal information like names, birthday or license numbers. Have some upper and lower cases characters. Use some numbers and other symbols like ‘#’ or ‘&’ in the password. As an example ‘SeCur!ty’ is safer than ‘security’ as a password.

Use different passwords for different accounts—otherwise if one is compromised it may give an attacker access to your other online accounts. For example, use a password for online banking that is different to the ones you would use for email or social networking.

Be careful using your password on a public Internet terminal (such as an airport or Internet cafe).

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