Windows Key To Efficiency

The Windows key, which is usually located at the bottom left hand corner of most PC keyboards, is a very useful shortcut key. Use it to improve your efficiency and save time.

• To open the Start menu: press and let go of the Windows key (WK)
• To display the desktop: Windows Key+ D
• To minimise all Windows: Windows Key+ M
• To open all windows again: Windows Key+ Shift + M
• To open Windows Explorer: Windows Key + E
• To move across the Task Bar: Windows Key + Tab
• To open the Search window: Windows Key + F
• To open the Run dialogue box: Windows Key + R
• To open the System Properties dialogue box: Windows Key + Pause / Break

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  1. “Windows Key To Efficiency – Geeks on Call” was in fact in fact compelling and educational!
    Within modern universe that’s tricky to achieve.
    Thanks, Hershel

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